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What is Yin Yoga?

At the Y we understand the value of connection. This means connection that takes place within community, when people come together to share stories, meaningful moments and memory making… but also, connection that takes place within oneself. The so few opportunities when we give ourselves permission to slow down, to feel breath, to be gentle and delve into self-care… to hold for ourselves sacred space to wind down and refill.

The YIN Practices offered in the Yoga Yurt at the Y provides opportunity for this to happen. Yes, it is a practice. Slowing down does not always come easy… in fact, sometimes it comes with feelings that are not always welcome, or invite a “welling up” one is not ready to explore… stillness can create a narrative of visiting places in the mind and body, we may try hard to run from.

However, a practice of long hold stretches, breath work, quieting the mind and opening the heart can inform the body about healing at a physical, mental and emotional level. It allows for curiosity without the need to “land”, it invites the body to open through soft tissue work, and the mind to have permission to feel the unfolding.

The body heals when it enters a para-sympathetic state - state that takes us physically from flight, fight and crash mode, to rest and digest. It is the brain assuring the breath and body that safety is present and powering down is okay, leading to the availability of long held poses (asana) reaching fascia and connecting tissues. Over time, with a dedicated practice, range of motion can return to the body and tissues can be revitalized. A YIN Practice is the gift you give to yourself, that you didn’t know you wanted it. It calls forth bravery and courage to sit with the stillness, and open.

In the video below, Annmarie Kaylo explains a bit more about what a YIN Practice can do and why it's important to add purposeful moments of rest in your wellness routines.

To inquire regarding the current schedule of YIN Yoga offerings at the Y, check out the schedule on our website:, or reach out to our welcome center 501.623.8803. You can also access all group instruction and yoga class offerings on the website and check out all the great things happening at our Y. We are so much more than a gym… we are community! Join Us!

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