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Welcome to our Y

The Hot Springs Family YMCA is a Not For Profit organization serving our community in the areas of Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility. We are a part of 10,000 YMCA’s across the country working to deliver positive change. 


The Hot Springs Family YMCA strengthens our community by engaging people to meet their potential and their purpose. 


The YMCA is the leading nonprofit committed to strengthening individuals and communities across the country, and here in Garland County. At the Y, we are here to help you find your “why”- your greater sense of purpose- by connecting you with opportunities to improve your health, support young people, make new friends and contribute to a stronger, more cohesive community for all. 


At the Hot Springs Family YMCA, our team has been part of shaping and building the community of Hot Springs, and Garland County since 1946. In 1984, the Y moved to our current location on Werner Street. The story of growth, expansion and impact the Y has written over the years has produced positive outcomes shaping our community in the area of Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility. 


Our Mission Statement:

Our Reason for Being


The Hot Springs Family YMCA provides opportunities to all individuals, youth, adults and families in the Garland County community by putting Christian principles into practice through facilities, programs and activities that build healthy spirit, mind and body. Programs are made available to all persons regardless of the ability to pay.


Our Cause:

Our Mission in Action

Strengthening the foundations of community through Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility. 


How We Show Up


At the Hot Springs Family YMCA we strive to live our cause with purpose everyday. We are: 



We are open to ALL. We are a place where you can be,  belong and become.



We value who you are and encourage you to be true to yourself and others. 



We believe in your and your ability to be a catalyst for good in the world. 



We’re with you in your journey to develop your full potential. 



Above all else, we are on a relentless quest to make our community stronger, beginning with YOU!


Our Approach


In 2021 the Hot Springs Family YMCA awarded $174,524.00 in financial assistance to Garland County residents. 


In 2022 the Hot Springs Family YMCA awarded $111,889 in financial assistance to Garland County residents. 


The Y is committed to making our programs accessible and affordable for all. Financial Assistance is provided on a case by case basis according to funding, and need. As a non-profit organization dedicated to serving our community, the Y relies on charitable contributions and membership and program fees to fund our financial assistance program. It is because of the support of donors and our membership base, that the Y is able to offer financial assisted programs and membership to those in need and offer facility space to our community for reduced cost. If you would like to make a donation to the Hot Springs Family YMCA you may do so HERE


Our Partnerships

The Board of Directors, and team members at the Hot Springs Family YMCA believes that all good work happens through the power of partnerships. We know when our families are afforded an opportunity to thrive, the community we live in thrives as well. For this reason, the Y partners with the following organizations: 


  • Garland County School Districts
  • Special Olympics
  • Fire/Police/ Emergency Responder Communities
  • Military Recruiters
  • Garland County Juvenile Justice/ Court Systems
  • AARP
  • American Red Cross
  • Arkansas Department of Human Services
  • Garland County Library
  • Senior Olympics
  • Hot Springs Baptist Church
  • CHI Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Arkansas Heart Hospital Rehabilitation
  • National Park College


To promote strong families and help build community, the Hot Springs Family YMCA hosts two large scale, community events each year. 


  • The Family 2 Mile Super Hero Run/ Healthy Kids Day (June)
  • Halloween at the Y (October)




Your YMCA Board Of Directors:

Vance Dobyns, President

Don Chmura, Vice President 

April Gill, Treasurer 

Dick Gladden, Raymond Haynie, Vicki Hinz, Mechele McNary, Phil Montgomery, Tim Poole, Richard Smith, Jodi Tooke, Raymond Wright, Michael Whitman, Rico Harris, Manly Beasley, Bruce Phillips.