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Child Watch Center

Child Watch is offered as a free program for members with a household membership.  Our trained Child watch team focuses on our primary goal of providing safe, quality, nurturing care to our youngest members. All, while keeping them engaged and having fun. You as a parent/guardian will have the freedom to enjoy all the amenities your YMCA  has to offer with peace of mind that your littles are well cared for.

Child Watch Guidelines and FAQ:

Who can stay?

– Children 8 weeks to 11 years old
– Children DO have to be active members on your Y membership account to utilize Child Watch.

Parents and guardians 18 and older may leave a child in Child Watch, but they are required to remain on-site at the Y during the child’s visit.

How long may my child stay?

Children may stay for up to two hours  

What if my child is sick?

Child Watch team members reserve the right to refuse a child that appears ill. Please do not bring your child if they have any of the following: ear infection, cold, green runny nose, cough, diarrhea, pink eye, lice, fever, or any other contagious illness.

Do you change diapers?

Please be sure the child’s diaper is clean at drop-off. Child Watch staff may not change diapers. A parent’s assistance will be requested if a diaper change is needed or if a potty-training accident occurs.

Can my child bring their I-Pad?

The Child Watch Center is an electronic free zone.

What are your hours?

Our Child Watch hours 

Monday-Friday 8:00am-12pm

Monday-Thursday 4:00pm-8:00pm