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Personal trainer

Personal Training


The Personal Training Staff at the Y is nationally certified and have proven experience. Each trainer brings individual passion, talent and background to the members they serve.

Everybody can use a personal trainer and benefit from one. Personal training is great for individuals just beginning their fitness journey; or for the “hard core” lifter who needs a “different challenge”.

Steps to getting a personal trainer:

Step One:
Choose a trainer that fits you. If you are unsure which trainer will be the best fit for you; for assistance contact Lynlee Selig, Personal Training Team Lead.

Step Two:
Contact your trainer and discuss your expectations. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or talk about health issues or past failures… the more communication, the easier it is for your trainer to work with you towards success.

Step Three:
Show up! Someone once said 90% of success is just showing up. Regardless of how you may feel… out of your comfort zone, a little bit afraid… trepidation….SHOW UP… your trainer will help you work through these feelings!

Program Fees:
Sessions will consist of all or some Cardio, Resistance Training, Sports Specific Conditioning, Free Weight, Circuit and Core Conditioning.

One on One Session Cost: 

One Hour

30 Minutes

Semi-Private Sessions: 

One Hour Sessions: 

Base One on One Investment plus $20.00/ each added person 

Thirty Minute Sessions:

Bade One on One Investment plus $15.00 each added person

Small Group Training: 

Price varies. Please consult with a welcome center team member regarding class registration. 

30 Minute Abs

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