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This unique class is performed on a specialized piece of equipment called the Reformer. Pilates Reformer movements vary in intensity with an adjustable spring load while at the same time being easy on the joints. The extra support you get from these machines will help to engage the deeper muscles that stabilize your joints. The pace is moderate, yet challenging and will strengthen the core and provide an invigorating workout.

This session is for 2 people.

Duet prices are listed per person

Duet, 1-hour session Facility member:$49/person Community member:$75/person
Duet, 3/1-hour sessions Facility member:$141/person Community member:$220/person
Duet, 6/1-hour sessions Facility member:$264/person Community member:$420/person
Duet, 10/1-hour sessions Facility member:$420/person Community member:$680/person

Class Times

No sessions are available at any location.